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Choose your shape, pick your size and even your material. Over 600 shapes in our library!
Custom Cut Shapes
What is laser cutting? Laser cutting is a manufacturing process which uses highly focused light to cut through sheet material. Unlike traditional cutting methods such as a saw blade, knife or even water jet, the laser cutting process never physically touches the material itself. As a result, the same machine can easily cut anything from wood to delicate paper by simply vaporizing the material along the cut line.  Laser friendly sheet materials We use our CO2 laser to primarily cut wood, acrylic and paper. Specialty materials such as 2-layer acrylic laminate, leather and even magnetic sheets can also be cut. All of these can be engraved. Materials we can’t cut include metal, stone or glass, though we can engrave on anodized aluminum. Maximum piece size The maximum piece size that will fit in our laser is 18” x 24”. The maximum thickness we can cut is 1/4” (0.25”) or 6mm. The next step... Visit our online Custom Cut Shapes website to browse through our library of shapes and available materials. You can also submit your own custom designs. Contact us for a quote today!
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